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Thanks For Purchasing!

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So, what happens next?

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    We'll be in touch soon - One of our team members will reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your website design and the rollout plan.

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    We need some info from you - While you wait, go ahead and gather some info we need and create a few free, but required accounts:

    • We need your logo in JPG or PNG format (If you don't have one, we can create a simple text/font-based logo for you that works well with Google and mobile).
    • Create a new Gmail account - You can use an existing Gmail if you like, but we recommend creating a new Gmail for this new website.
    • Create your new domain name - If you don't already have a URL registered, create one and buy it at
    • Go to and create a free account - For your new or existing domain, use your new or an existing Gmail account to sign up. Use your new domain name as the site name and enter your URL as the site URL. Here's a simple video how-to. You only need to watch to the 1:05 mark, as we'll handle all the rest.
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    Important things to know: Here are some vital bits of info you need to know about your new lead-generating website:

    • Once your site is live, we'll configure it for search engine marketing. This process takes 3-4 days for the initial baseline.
    • We'll then request that Google index your site. This can take 4 days to 45 days and it totally in the hands of Google. Here's some helpful info on understanding how Google works:
    • We'll scan and monitor your site with our system each and every day and, thirty days after we launch your site, we'll send you a baseline PDF report on where we started with search engine traffic metrics. Each month after that, you'll get an update showing how your site has progressed. Search rankings are a "long game" and require a commitment to patience over time Each month, we'll ensure you make progress, but you need to be prepared to wait on our system and Google. The rewards are huge and the sooner you get started, the quicker it moves.
    • New domain names take longer to achieve good search visibility. If you have just registered your new domain, it will take, on average, 90 days for Google to "trust" your site before significant progress is made. Again, the sooner you start, the better for your site.
    • Search trends and user habits change over time, so we'll adjust your site's text and content as the monthly reports warrant to make sure you score as well as possible.
    • We cannot (no one can) guarantee any level of search ranking, as the search indexes control their own algorithms. However, we will make every effort to enhance your site's search performance and update your site based on search index changes as they occur.
    • Each time you request changes to your site, we will make you aware of potential impacts of said changes to your search visibility. In fact, in each case, we will tell you whether or not the change is likely to negatively impact your search visibility. It's your site, so we will do as you wish in each instance, but, if you decide to have us proceed with your changes against our recommendation, we cannot be held liable in any way for search performance after those changes have been made. These days, little things matter a lot. We have a combined team experience of over 250 years of dealing with web technologies and search, so we are confident in our recommendations to you, our valued customer.
    • Each site owner gets 1 hour of included web updates per month. This could be updating copy or content, adding new or updating photos, etc. For any other changes above and beyond 1 hour's worth of time, we can perform custom work at a billable rate of $150 per hour. Just request a quote, approve it and we will perform the work.
    • If you decide to move your site from HomePocket hosting, we will zip up all your files and you can host your site wherever you like. Your site files are your property. NOTE: MLS listings will not work outside of HomePocket hosting, so you'll need your new web developers to replace our MLS listings system with their own/one of your choice. We do not provide any support for this process whatsoever.
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    Get Help - Always use to report bugs or ask for help of any kind regarding your website needs.