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One-of-a-Kind Real Estate Lead Generation

Own your zip code exclusively with no competition for better quality leads

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One-of-a-Kind Lead Generation

One real estate pro, one zip. Always.

Lock out competitors in your zip with exclusive access to our advanced digital ad sytem, plus use FSBO, Pocket and MLS listings to lead buyers and sellers to your door. Just your door.


We run 3 kinds of digital ads for your brand, to attract buyers and FSBOs to your zip and for your MLS and off-market listings.


Our powerful system analyzes web and mobile traffic in our marketplace to deliver you buyer and seller leads instantly.


You or your team are the only Realtors in your zip to get leads for follow-up before your competition even knows they're out there.


Bring more buyers to FSBOs, Convert FSBOs to listings, get more buyers for your Pockets and MLS Listings - Build your local digital dominance!

Find Buyer and Seller Leads Where They Live - On Their Phones

Our MLS, Pocket and FSBO mobile marketplace means more leads for you.

Almost 90% of home searches start online. Increasingly, that search happens on a mobile phone or tablet.

Just take a look around you. We're all constantly on our phones every spare minute using social media to catch up with friends, finding restaurants for dinner, booking flights and now finding our next home.

How we target them for you:

  • We crunch web traffic and search data to identify real estate-related viewer habits in your area
  • We focus on users most likely to be interested in real estate and put your digital ads in front of them for listings in your zips
  • As users sign-up, install our app or fill out a form we send them to you in real-time as leads
  • You get lead info on your phone, tablet or desktop to start working them immediately
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Your future business growth could depend on it.

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Why use LeadWallet?

We use the surging trend toward off-market homes, a one-of-a-kind mobile app home marketplace and intelligent digital advertising of your MLS and Pocket Listings to attract home seekers to your zip. Be the only Realtor in your area to get more buyers, help FSBOs sell and farm FSBO listings.

Simply put, we will help you sell more.

Zillow, Trulia, Adwerx and all those "all-in-one" web site + CRM solutions are the past. They're costly, noisy for customers, it's hard to measure their real results and - worst of all - they're as crowded as a clown car at a circus.

What you get:

  • Continuous targeted ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Twitter and Facebook
  • No competition for leads in your zips - We don't sell to others
  • High-converting agent or broker profile pages with guaranteed SEO
  • Mobile app with lead alerts and "use anywhere" simple CRM
  • Lead and market trend reports with add-on web metrics and search enhancement
  • Boosted ads for a client's home from your phone within minutes of getting the listing
  • Dozens more features...

You can even stop spending on all other lead generation. Your marketing budget will thank you.

All-Inclusive Digital Ad Boosts For Your Listings

Dedicated advertising for your MLS, Pockets Listings and your unique local brand brand. No technical skills required.

Boost Your Listings with Ads

We automatically pull in your MLS listings, then run 3 different kinds of ad campaigns for you across the web, our mobile marketplace and social media.

Get Leads in Near Real-Time

Via our LeadWallet mobile app, we send you home seeker and FSBO seller leads as they come in for instant follow-up.

Grow Faster Than Competitors

As the only LeadWallet Realtor in your zip, find buyers first for your MLS and Pocket Listings, farm new FSBO sellers and grow your digital brand. Big-time.

Real Estate pros want more leads, want them ahead of their competition

"LeadWallet gives me a huge advantage over my local competition. As the only broker in my zip getting their custom marketing of my brand and listings, plus their buyer, seller and FSBO leads, I'm growing my footprint and sales ahead of others. It's advertising and lead-gen all in one platform. It's like nothing else out there."

Jill Ollivarez,
Broker Associate at Keller Williams
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Real Estate Agents: Show Your Sellers You're Doing More. Get Your Homes Advertised for Free Now!

It's easy to use, free and takes 5 minutes to snap some pics of your homes, write quick descriptions and get it advertised to more buyers.

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Grow Your Business

Lock-down your zip and lock-out your local competitors.

Our System Brings Customers to You

We've been marketing to consumers on the web for decades. That means you get to help more home buyers and sellers who need your services.

Off-Market Buyers, FSBOs Underserved

Realtors are wasting opportunities for big revenue helping consumers and sellers in untapped areas of their local markets get what they need.

Exclusively Build Your Local Brand

Unlike all other solutions, we believe in a close partnership with our Realtor customers to make them more and more successful over time. They win, we win.

Leading the Way into the Future

We're just getting started transforming how buyers and sellers connect in Real Estate. You benefit from our continuous advancement and growing feature set.

Get your LeadWallet zip now - Before your competition does.

Our Pricing

We offer an unmatched digital marketing plan for mortgage professionals.

Small Volume Realtor

For Brokers, Teams or Agents with under $50M in annual sales.

$10,000 per Year | $2500 per Quarter | $833 per month
  • Exclusive lead generation for your zip code(s)
  • Exclusive mobile app for lead notification & management
  • Near real-time buyer, seller and FSBO lead delivery
  • Custom digital ads for your brand to buyers and sellers
  • Custom digital ads for your MLS and Pocket Listings
  • Custom digital ads to attracts buyers & FSBOs to your zip

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Large Volume Realtor

For Brokers, Teams or Agents with over $50M in annual sales.

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  • Exclusive lead generation for your zip code(s)
  • Exclusive mobile app for lead notification & management
  • Near real-time buyer, seller and FSBO lead delivery
  • Custom digital ads for your brand to buyers and sellers
  • Custom digital ads for your MLS and Pocket Listings
  • Custom digital ads to attracts buyers & FSBOs to your zip

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