Want engaged real estate leads? Stop emailing so much.

Traditional wisdom says that one of the golden rules of journalism is to never “bury the lead.” In other words, you should get right to the point with the most important bit of your information.

For this blog post, that’s exceedingly easy to do.

If you’re wondering why you get leads from your lead generation efforts or from your website and they never email or call you back, there’s one important place you should look: the number (and quality!) of the emails your chosen CRM or lead generation system is sending them each day.

(FACT: Several of the most popular lead generation services can email each of your leads up to 20 times in just 48 hours or less, then keep emailing them every single day!)

Put even more simply and directly, emailing your newly converted leads too often with a bunch of garbage they don’t care about is a sure-fire way to not only guarantee an unsubscribe from any further emails, but an equally good way to help them quickly form the opinion you’re simply not the focused, concerned and caring real estate agent who’s right for them.

Don’t take my word for it.

According to a U.S. Army and the University of California – Irvine study, email overload actually causes us all a great deal of stress. That stress leads to other types of behaviors and thought processes that simply are not helpful when you’re trying to get someone to engage with you instead of avoiding you.

Just think about it. Do you like to get 25 emails in a 48 hour period offering you a bunch of houses that may or may not be of interest to you or brags about services that don’t solve an immediate problem for you? Hell, do any of us want to get 25 emails in a 48 hour period from ANYONE offering ANYTHING?

That’s a big “no.” And it’s hurting your chances with leads you’re lucky enough to get to visit your website in the first place.

Yet, for many brokers and agents today, choosing a lead generation or CRM system that promises they’ll make sure to hound your customers daily with “Today’s Hot Properties,” “Just Closed Today on 123 Elm Street,” “Price Reduced Again!” or “New Listing” seems somehow….popular?

In fact, many agents adopt these pricey solutions almost blindly without thinking about the consequences or what makes a “drip” email campaign successful in the first place.

The top consequences of emailing too often are all too simple. Customers get annoyed instead of enticed, informed or attracted. That means they often:

  • Unsubscribe from your emails and thus any future contact
  • Become stigmatized against you via the annoyance and form a long-lasting negative opinion
  • Move on quickly to another real estate website and agent for their needs
  • Tell others about the annoyance, thus spreading the stigma against you

Think that helps your chances of making them your next customer?  Again, the answer is no.

How to Do Drip Campaigns that Won’t Get You Hated

When done well, drip campaigns can sometimes help you further engage leads who have initially interacted with you or your site. They are by no means a “set it and forget it” resource that will change your business fortunes – not matter what that shiny CRM marketing or sales person says.

There is also no substitute for actually engaging with a potential client via phone to further evaluate them and find out exactly what they’re looking for. Remember, leads are precious!

That said, the following rules help when you want to do drip email correctly:

  • Sit down, think about it and design your email strategy. Know your audience!
  • Never, ever send too many emails – ever (also called “Boomtowning”).
  • Sound highly personal and authentic. Write like you know them already.
  • Always measure, scrutinize and analyze who’s opening what. Change your emails often.
  • Never send irrelevant content – blasting info to people indiscriminately hurts not helps.
  • Customize your emails to reach customers based on specific behaviors on your site.
  • Don’t pack too much info into one email. Remember, it’s a “drip.” You have more chances.
  • Check your grammar and spelling. Poorly-written content causes immediate trust issues.
  • Offer value, don’t brag. Make sure your emails really help the buyer or seller lead.
  • Stand out. Most buyers and sellers know immediately when they’re getting cookie-cutter.

There are probably dozens more important tips you should follow, but, if you can check the box on all the above, you’re going to be better off more times than not.

Most importantly, pay attention. Many agents and brokers buy a CRM or lead generation solution and just let it run, accepting all the defaults. If you don’t take the time to check and design a good email strategy, well, take a look at your unsubscribe rates. Getting a lot means you’re doing it wrong.

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Rebekah Polancich

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