The Best Way to Run Digital Ads for More Real Estate Leads

As the Millennials come into their own a little more each day in the real estate world, reaching new leads through technology becomes more and more important.

The younger generations use technology more than older ones do and they use it in different ways. In fact, technology is largely how younger consumers interact with their world of needs and wants.

In other words, it’s how they research and buy almost everything.

For the savvy real estate agent who wants to thrive and grow, that means using technology to market to and attract new leads should be job #1 today – and for the future. Without it, your business will slowly atrophy over time.

It’s now time to “get digital or get gone.”

Yet for most agents, placing and running successful digital ads that are not a total waste of time and money is almost impossible to do. As a result, most abandon this very powerful and effective way to get more real estate leads and best competitors.


  • Paid advertising is a career field unto itself, so DIY agents effectively need to cross-train in the complex, ever-changing field of digital marketing (not to mention its technology and software)
  • Running ads takes learning some fairly complex tools from Google, Facebook, and Twitter
  • It’s very expensive, as digital ads must be targeted specifically to reach the right audience or bad targets will “click up” all your budget
  • You must develop a very involved, informed ad strategy for who to reach and with what info (it ain’t as simple as the ad providers make it seem)
  • Running digital ads is very, very time consuming, as you must continuously analyze and improve ad performance throughout the year
  • Customer behaviors change all the time, so ads must also change to match their behavioral changes from month to month


It’s no wonder most agents who try to run Google AdWords or Facebook ads give up quickly.

As well, a whole ecosystem of real estate vendors effectively perpetuates this effect by preying on agents. They simply sign them up, take their cash, run some indiscriminate ads targeted solely at the agent’s city or zip, then ask for more money each month without showing the agent how well or poorly they did, how they targeted in the first place, which ads performed better than others, how users clicked on the ads and how they should adapt, and on and on and on.

Again, agents leave with a bad image of how effective well-run ads can be at getting leads to their real estate agent websites.

Here at HomePocket, we say it’s time to fix this problem and get agents the leads they want using digital ads done the right way.


HomePocket, The Real Estate Digital Ad “Easy Button”

Introducing our LeadWallet Targeted Digital Ads for Google and Facebook as part of our Websites for Agents add-ons.

Now, all subscribers to our LeadWallet lead generating websites can opt-in to additional traffic-boosting ads for $100, $250 or $500 a month and capture more available leads from increased traffic to their websites.

But that’s not the best part.

Because we link the agent’s website into our system when they subscribe to LeadWallet, our Marketing Insights tracks their ad, lead and website performance so the results get better and better.

We automatically analyze the data and boil it down to show the agent their best, most engaged audience across dozens of criteria, from age, gender and location to the wide variety of interests they have from their web personas and profiles.

That means agents always know their ads are targeting the best possible targets for their local markets.

Simply put, we take every single problem out of running digital ads so real estate agents no longer have to waste time and money getting more leads throughout the year or in slow, lull periods.

How? Our traffic boost ads always:

  • Know who your most engaged website viewers are
  • Identify the best future leads to target
  • Get more of the right kind of traffic to your website (i.e. active buyers and sellers)
  • See over time how your marketing dollars can be spent better (i.e. measure ROI)

In other words, agents now have the “easy button” for getting their brand and services in front of better prospects.

In short, no longer is there a reason to be afraid of digital ads. Sign up for our very affordable LeadWallet lead generation websites and our Marketing Insights web monitoring helps you always get more leads from effective digital ads on Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

It’s just that easy.

Sign up for 30-min demo today! Your wallet will thank you.


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