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5 Good DIY Search Visibility and Marketing Habits for More Real Estate Leads

Your business is off and running with a new website but the job doesn’t stop there. Want to attain and maintain good search visibility for your site?

Here’s a list of important tools, tips, and techniques for increasing leads from your website and growing search visibility.

There are many things you can make habits of in your daily and weekly routine that will help you grow and maintain your search over time. It’s a “help you help yourself” regimen that, when adhered to, pays big dividends.

The trouble is, most Realtors don’t or won’t take the time to do so. These are the ones who don’t dominate their digital “air space” and who will become increasingly non-competitive in a search, digital marketing, and mobile-driven consumer world.

  • Always name your blog or site images and add ALT tags – Google prioritizes indexing images and video, so the names (and relevancy of) should be appropriate to your blog post or page and be “human readable.” The best way to do this? Think of names that would map to how a user would search google to end up on your page. The best tutorial? Here: https://yoast.com/image-seo-alt-tag-and-title-tag-optimization/ Also, never forget to compress your images! Page speed is now figuring heavily into Google’s index. Use http://optimizilla.com/ to reduce the sizes of any images you upload so they don’t slow down your pages while loading.

  • You need video – Google also loves video when it comes to indexing.  Plus, customers find it more engaging. Just look at the results of many of your own Google searches and you’ll see that videos are starting to bubble to the top of entries. What do you need to do? Make sure you have good, relevant video on your blog posts and that you add all the proper metadata and info (e.g. title, description, thumbnails, etc.). We suggest buying 1-3 videos a year from a local marketing firm who can focus on neighborhoods, areas, and homes that will highlight your listings and also be re-usable. Drone video is huge for engagement these days as well in real estate. Learn how to use video in your pages from Google themselves: https://developers.google.com/webmasters/videosearch/intro

  • Blog at least once per month – Study trends and topics that are relevant to your customers, but, above all else, offer value. If you don’t words are just words and your customer engagement won’t be what you want. Your title is the key to SEO, then just write naturally and normally. Make sure to test your finished post for “readability” with the Flesch-Kincaid test. Don’t repeat or “overstuff” keywords; Google uses things like AI and Latent Semantic Indexing to try to actually “understand” your site.

  • Use landing pages and interactive popover – Users always say they hate those boxes that “pop over” onto a page, but – simply put – they work. If you offer value and highly relevant info or offers and don’t annoy, popovers can be a very, very effective force in lead generation. But, be careful! Google hates “interstitial” popovers that block indexing on mobile sites. Exit popovers work well and are unintrusive. We also suggest an alternative, banner info: https://www.hellobar.com/ As for landing pages, sites with landing pages generate as much as 7 times as many leads as those who don’t. Here’s how to do it: http://neilpatel.com/blog/a-brief-guide-to-designing-high-converting-landing-pages/ 

  • Build backlinks – Good backlinks from reputable sites is worth its weight in gold. Top ways to get backlinks without spending a ton of time? Get into a habit of “doing backlink building” once per week for an hour. What are the top things you can do in as little time as possible?
    • Fix broken links to your site from other sites
    • Comment in relevant and real ways on blogs and articles on sites with high authority (e.g. Forbes real estate, RealtyTimes, RealtyBizNews, and more)
    • Give a scholarship to a local college or university and have your link added to the donor page (huge credibility!)
    • Write reviews of products and services you use
    • Make donations to charity – helping others helps you too. And it’s the right thing to do.

Here are some more tools that help: http://neilpatel.com/blog/10-tools-that-will-get-you-more-backlinks/ 

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Websites for real estate agents

Website not optimized for these 2017 Google trends? Kiss your leads goodbye.

As Published on ActiveRain:

For those of us in the web engineering and marketing business, 2017 is going to be a memorable year as far as Google search goes.

For real estate agents without websites that stay compliant with Google’s changes? They may well be forgotten altogether.

For starters, Google has already quietly altered their search algorithms a few times this year alone. What’s the Google search algorithm and what’s in it anyway?

Well, only Google really knows.

But, when they change the criteria they use to rate and rank your site for how it shows up when customers search for things you sell? Well, you feel it fast.

Or maybe you don’t.

You see, most real estate agents are paying good money for bad websites. Most pay a national or local hosting company to put up something that looks good, then they assume everyone can see them. In fact, many agents put up a website and don’t touch it again for years.

And therein lies the problem.

If you – or someone you hire – isn’t constantly tuning and optimizing your site to keep up with Google’s changes, well you might as well not have a website.

Think about it this way: If Google constantly changes the way they value the features of your site that make it show up in search and you haven’t touched your site in years, how many home buyers and sellers do you think are landing on your site?

For well over 95% of customers who we serve here at HomePocket with our Websites for Realtors and web Marketing Insights, the answer is……zero. No customers ever see their site.

And that brings us to this…


The Big Year Ahead

Over the course of this year, Google will continue to change the way it ranks and rates your site based on its features. This is especially important this year because Google has already made some very big changes that leave 99% of agent sites out in the cold.

  • Google’s index is now mobile-first: That’s right, more people are searching the web and visiting sites from their phones than desktops now (and doing so from Android than iPhone), so they’ve begun favoring websites with “responsive” features. That means they look – and act – the same on mobile devices as they do on desktops. In fact, if your site isn’t also built with “AMP,” or “Accelerated Mobile Pages,” you’re soon going to be like a Ford Model-T at in a race with a Ferrari. Not only will you suffer when customers get frustrated they can’t use your site on their phone, they won’t ever even see it from a search at all because Google’s going to factor this feature heavily into their new index scoring. Even if you’re site is brand new, chances are it’s not compliant.
  • Page loading speed – If your site isn’t fast, it’s going to drop way down in Google’s index. It’s just a fact.  That is if it’s in the index at all yet. Most bargain-basement hosting such as GoDaddy, Real Geeks, Placester and the like don’t optimize for the speed of your site or spend valuable resources making sure your site is on the fastest hosting. It’s just economics. If you’re paying $19.99 a month, do you think they’re going to make it a priority your site gets blazing speed? Nope. Not happening. Get fast or get gone.
  • Mobile display and AMP – How your website displays and acts on mobile are vitally critical now for good search visibility. Even if your site is brand new, I can almost guarantee you it isn’t built with “AMP,” or Accelerate Mobile Pages. It’s an emerging standard now for Google that ensures a good user experience when viewing a site from mobile. Why? Well, as of last year,  internet traffic from mobile phones and tablets has now exceeded that from desktops – and it’s growing.  Don’t have AMP and good mobile display? Well, you won’t show up anymore.
  • Your content matters even more than before – The writing on your page, your page titles, headings and other technical SEO writing has always been huge, but now it’s getting kicked up another notch. You see, Google relies in part on artificial intelligence technologies to actually “understand” in human-like terms what your site is saying and what that means. It uses this kind of semantic processing to categorize, rank and rate you based on what say you are and an automatic ability to understand that. If your site writing is bad (and writing for the web is an art and a science, folks!), Google doesn’t know what you are – and you lose out in their search.
  • Get social or become a “shut in” – To put it simply, sites without relevant social content linking back to their site won’t rank as highly as the ones who do. Don’t think taking the time to post to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram is worth it? Think again. It’s kinda like your health. Working out sucks, sure. But, if you don’t do it regularly, you get fat, slow and you’ll die sooner. It’s the same with social and searches. “Work out” your social regularly or, well, you get the idea.

Simply put, web search is changing. Largely, for the better of us all. Google’s aim is that people find exactly what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), that means if your site doesn’t keep up, you can forget customers finding you on the web through search.

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Stay “searchy,” my friends.