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Pick a domain that matters to you and your business or use one you have. We suggest using Google domains for as little as $12 a year.


Click "Buy Now" above, checkout and our designers will reach out to you to discuss theme options and build your new website.


Digital leads find your site in web or mobile search, submit forms on your site and send you email.

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What You Get When You Buy

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  • Custom-built website with MLS in as little as 5-7 days
  • 24/7 monitoring of your SEO with our Marketing Insights
  • Continuous SEO updates and improvements for your site
  • Advanced on-site lead capture mechanisms
  • In-depth metrics on your lead gen and site performance
  • Integration with your CRM or email automation system
  • Real-time lead notification alerts via email, SMS, CRM

Your Website is Your Business Now

Realtors with websites that not only look good but perform well in search get more leads than those who don't. On average, agents with sites appearing in the first 3 pages of Google results get over 45X more leads. Today, search visibility criteria change almost every month. Start keeping up.

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Marketing Insights Continuous Search Optimization

Home shoppers use search to find homes and agents

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Get one of our sites, get Marketing Insights included free. Know how well your web site is doing for your best audience and improve its search appearance each month. Your website should be your top lead generator.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Features

  • Will my site have good search visibility?

    Every site we build will be delivered with all the search engine optimization and marketing fundamentals that help you get seen by customers who now predominantly use Google, Bing or Yahoo to start their home searches.

  • Do I have to do anything? I'm not technical.

    We'll contact you to have you pick a theme and then we'll gather all contact info, logos, photos and more that you want to use on the site. After we deliver, we'll show you through the site and how you'll receive leads. That's it.

  • What if I need updates or changes to my site?

    Each site comes with 1 hour of simple updates and changes per month. If you need more than that, we can deliver anything you want at an affordable hourly rate.

  • Will you host my site and help with pointing my domain to it?

    Yes, for $12 per month additional we will host your site on the world's best web hosting, WPENGINE. You can host it yourself and we'll deliver a .zip file of all website files for your hosting team.

  • Is the $249 a one-time cost? What If I want to leave?

    No, the $249 is an ongoing monthly fee as part of a one-year contract when you buy so that we can monitor and manage your site. If you want to move your site at the end of a year, we will deliver a .zip file of all website files for your hosting team.

  • Can you manage and optimize the SEO of my site?

    Yes, when you subscribe to our sites, your automatically get our Marketing Insights plan for Realtors. We'll optimize and improve your search visibility on a monthly basis so you always have the best shot at good organic traffic. Click here for more details.

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